The CauseNetwork Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered with the IRS and the State of Virginia.

The Foundation was formed to make it easy for charities to accept non-cash donations from consumers and businesses.

We coordinate all logistics, tracking & settlement processes for our donation programs, which are always free to any non-profit organization.

We currently serve causes ranging in size from local PTA’s to large national charities.


At CauseNetwork we provide any cause, large or small – local or national, with a FREE customized digital fundraising platform.   Our fundraising tools include a web marketplace, mobile app and browser app that include your logo, colors and links to your site and other fundraisers, and we surround it with multiple fundraising tools to help you generate more donations from and better engage with your supporters.

Fundraisers include:


Your supporters can shop online retailers that donate a portion of purchases to your cause. There are over 1000 stores in our platform including your favorites like Target, Walmart and Best Buy.  There’s no additional cost to your supporters and they can still use coupon codes to save on their purchases.

Vehicle Donation Program

You get your own, hassle-free car donation program.  Supporters fill out a custom online form  to donate any vehicle with a motor, in any condition.  CauseNetwork handles all of the logistics from pickup of the vehicle to providing a receipt to the donor for the maximum tax deduction allowed by US law, and send you the net proceeds from the sale of the car.

Travel Booking

Book travel through all of the major online booking engines (Expedia, Priceline, etc.) and a portion of each purchase gets donated to your cause.  Again, there’s no additional cost to your supporters and they can still use coupon codes to save on their purchases.

Electronics Donation

Supporters fill out an online form indicating what electronics they are donating (e.g. cell phones, computers, tablets), print out a pre-paid mailing label and put their donations in a box to send, and we take care of the rest.   The items are refurbished and resold, and the net proceeds or donated to your cause.

NEW: Cryptocurrency Donation

Your supporters can easily donate major listed cryptocurrencies to you.   Most currencies have appreciated significantly and will be subject to big capital gains taxes – now you can ask your supporters to donate their digital currency to your cause, avoid the taxes and receive a donation receipt for the full appreciated value.

NEW: Gift Card Donation

Your supporters can donate their unused gift cards from over 150 top vendors to support your cause.  They submit the gift cards online to be resold in a secondary market.   You receive the net proceeds from the sale as a donation, and the donor gets a tax receipt for the sale price of the card

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